ISSA, Fort Worth Chapter

Announcing ISSA Fort Worth 2.0!

A New Beginning

It is with great excitement that I announce a complete top-to-bottom redesign of your Chapter.

With the new Board in place in December and fresh off the energy from the ISSA International Conference in Dallas, we got to work. We asked ourselves, “If we were starting a completely new chapter, what would we want it to be like?” We came up with some ideas, then asked ourselves, “What do our members think?” With that in mind, we sent out a survey asking members what we did well and where we needed to improve. Here is what we learned:

Then, we got to work.

One Name and a Fresh Look

Historically, we have been referred to as both the Cowtown Chapter and the Fort Worth Chapter. We felt that having one identity is important. After some great discussions, we settled on Fort Worth Chapter. This makes it abundantly clear about which market we serve in the community, which is helpful not only for long-time residents but also people new to the area.

We also felt that it was important to recognize and retain some of our roots, which is why when we commissioned our new logo, we expressed that to the artist. And boy did she deliver!

Notice the subtle details like great use of negative space, the nose ring element borrowed from the International logo and the consistent use of colors. It’s simple, distinctive and represents us. It’s everything a great logo should be. Who is this wonderful artist, you ask? Her name is Laura Weldon. If you hire her, you can’t go wrong.

A New Website

You wanted better communications and a more consistently updated website. Hmm. How about a totally brand new website?

The new site will be the place to go for all things Chapter-related. We’ll post our events here, along with events from some of our friends in the community. We’ll blog here. You’ll be able to register for our mailing list here. And since we’ve built it on a solid platform, expect even more features in the future.

An Event Every Month

We’re having an event on the second Tuesday of every month. You can hang your hat on that, unless the event falls on a holiday or there is some other major conflict. If that happens and you’re subscribed to our mailing list, you’ll know.

As we discussed this, something still seemed to be missing. Chapter meetings are great and informative, but we wanted something to build community, to foster relationships and to, well, have fun!

Here’s the deal:

We hope this provides a little something for everyone and encourages you to get to know your colleagues.

Ready, Set, Go!

We’re just getting started, so why not subscribe to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on the great days ahead. Feeling social? Take a peek at those pretty icons down there. We want to be where you are.

Comments/suggestions? Leave us a note below.